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The center of Asia's soccer betting industry, Macau is the undisputed Motherland of all Gamblers. With their integrated and highly sophisticated underground network of soccer syndicates, they are right at the top for manipulating soccer games results all over Asia and Europe. Combined with a strong network of syndicates in Hong Kong & Shenzhen (China), the trio forms the Golden Triangle of Soccer Betting in Asian Handicaps.

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Our Web( was established as the premier soccer tipping service in Asia, to provide exclusive match analysis and tips to soccer punters around the world. In recent years, soccer match had become a controllable games that is fixed by football syndicates due to many reasons. we has a very experienced team of punters to perform statistical analysis, situational trends, odds analysis, team information, and psychological factors on all teams on each match day to determine those fixed matches, so that you the punters can get the best soccer winning tips each day. we is committed to release only the high confidence hand-picked selections and exclusive match with the highest winning probabilities in the pay us by western union or vietnam bank or Skrill if want to join us.


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All soccer insider betting tips from our are sent exclusively from our headquarters in Macau by SMS text, provided by Macau's Premier Mobile Network, Macau CTM +853-62029509 and,SKYPE:winsoccertips

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No other services come even close to our consistent 90% plus accuracy winning rates since the inception of our service since April 2008. We surely promise to maintain such high service level for every season!

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4 Star Top 15 Match Results

Date Match AH Score Tips Verdict
9/20/2019 CFR Cluj vs Lazio +0.75 ?:? NEW
9/20/2019 Qarabagh vs Sevilla +1 ?:? NEW
9/20/2019 Eintracht Frankfurt vs Arsenal 0 ?:? NEW
9/19/2019 Paris Saint-Germain vs Real Madrid -0.25 3:0 Paris Saint-Germain
9/18/2019 Napoli vs Liverpool +0.25 2:0 Napoli
9/18/2019 Inter Milan vs Slavia Praha -1 1:1 Slavia Praha
9/17/2019 Aston Villa vs West Ham United 0 0:0 U2.25
9/17/2019 Torino vs Lecce -1 1:2 Lecce
9/16/2019 Hoffenheim vs Freiburg -0.75 0:3 Freiburg
9/16/2019 AFC Bournemouth vs Everton +0.25 3:1 AFC Bournemouth
9/16/2019 Valladolid vs Osasuna -0.25 1:1 Osasuna
9/15/2019 Liverpool vs Newcastle -2 3:1 Liverpool DRAW
9/15/2019 Real Madrid vs Levante -1.75 3:2 Real Madrid LOSE
9/15/2019 Wolves vs Chelsea FC 0 2:5 Chelsea FC
9/14/2019 Mallorca vs Athletic Bilbao +0.25 0:0 Mallorca
9/14/2019 Lille vs Angers SCO -0.5 2:1 Lille
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5 Star Top 15 Match Results

Date Match AH Score   Verdict
9/20/2019 Frankfurt vs Arsenal 0 ?:? NEW
9/19/2019 Dinamo Zagreb vs Atalanta +0.5 4:0 Dinamo Zagreb
9/18/2019 Chelsea FC vs Valencia -0.5 0:1 Valencia
9/16/2019 Watford vs Arsenal +0.5 2:2 Watford
9/15/2019 Manchester United vs Leicester City -0.5 1:0 Manchester United
9/14/2019 Amiens SC vs Lyonnais +0.75 2:2 Amiens SC
9/11/2019 Albania vs Iceland 0 4:2 Albania
9/10/2019 Slovenia vs Israel -0.5 3:2 Slovenia
9/9/2019 Finland vs Italy +0.75 1:2 Italy
9/8/2019 France vs Albania -2.5 4:1 France
9/7/2019 Germany vs Netherlands -0.5 2:4 Netherlands
9/6/2019 Indonesia vs Malaysia -0.5 2:3 Malaysia
9/2/2019 Marseille vs Saint-Etienne -0.5 1:0 Marseille
9/1/2019 Getafe vs Alaves -0.5 1:1 Alaves
8/31/2019 Athletic Bilbao vs Real Sociedad -0.5 2:0 Athletic Bilbao
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Beware Of Fake Macau Soccer Tips Services

How To Differentiate Between The Genuine & The Fake Macau Soccer Betting Tips?
we offer original and genuine Macau soccer betting tips, sent direct by SMS text from Macau, by Macau's CTM network +853-62029509. Our Macau SMS text network are one of the world's most advanced and reliable. Our SMS text can reach almost every countries and territories in the world. For added security, we also send the tips by email for records purposes. When our members receive our tips by SMS text, they can verify the SENDER ID of our SMS text to have the following number: +853-62029509. Beware of many fakes, fraudsters and imitations sites & services, claiming to offer genuine Macau soccer betting tips. We offer a comprehensive guide on how to tell if the site or services you are buying from are fake, frauds and imitation.

1) Do not advertise or post their SMS mobile number on their site.
2) Do not send their tips by SMS text, only by email.
3) Only allow you to login to their website and view the tips online.
4) Send their tips using hidden SENDER ID, example "crazy".

These are mainly fraudsters from Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and Singapore who are out to cheat your hard-earned money! If the sites & services you come across has ANY of the 4 criteria above, they are definitely fakes, fraudsters & imitation sites & services.

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